Inspiring Instrumental Music

While I enjoy all kinds of music, there is also a special place for instrumental music for me.

Somehow instrumental music, particularly piano instrumentals, are just very inspiring and refreshing for me. And this is especially true for Christian music, including Christian hymns.

I enjoy just listening to it. Sometimes, I play it while I work on my computer. I also do so when I play games on the computer or on a tablet. It is often one of the last things I do before I go to bed for the night.

I am truly thankful to the the Lord for the gift of music.

I’m sharing here a beautiful playlist of instrumental hymnal music as played by the pianist David Baroni. For more information on ordering his music, you can go to his YouTube channel.

Enjoy 🙂

New Beginnings – The Way Forward

I started this blog in March 2015. And my very first blog post was this.

My main purpose in starting this blog has been to put articles of inspiration — spurred by all things positive and good going on around the world.  And the reason behind that is there seems to be more news focused on all the negative things going on but the truth is there is always something good going on around the world as well. But the problem is it is not as amplified as the news of crime, corruption, war — well, you get the picture.

Well, I think I started out with a good purpose but the reality is I couldn’t maintain this blog! There were just too many things going on in my life and not to mention the reality of maintaining other blogs. So this blog became like a neglected child in what could be a dark and lonely internet world.

My last post was so last year! Check here to see it. And like many other things that we do not anymore have time to take care of, I considered just totally stopping this blog. That means not renewing its domain name (Inspire Now) and getting it out of my paid hosting plan. But then there were some new stirrings in my heart about this blog as 2017 came in. A new direction for this blog began to occupy my thoughts.

I began to think: what makes my life full and fulfilling? Well, that is following and serving the Lord. Yup, and that’s one thing that my husband and I do together as well as separately. And so I looked back and see myself as far back as the early 1990’s when as a university student, I already began volunteering to teach kids at church and serving the choir during Sundays and serving the youth in summer youth camps ran by the church.

By the late ’90’s, I came to see serving should not just be done within the church, there’s serving to be done by the church and outside of the church, too. So my path of serving the Lord began to change. My husband has his own stories of serving God and people, too. In short, we have many stories and learnings (!) to share to those who would like to listen. And we can share them right here at Inspire Now.

Some of the specific things we have been involved in for the last two decades (close to three actually) include:

Cross-cultural missions
*serving as a missionary, missions mobilizer
Church leadership
Support Raising/Fundraising
Preaching and Teaching
Developing ministry teaching/training material and translation
Men’s Ministry
Serving in the marketplace
Youth ministry and camps
Children ministry and outreach

After writing that list, I was amazed at how many things God has allowed and led us to be involved in. Through this site,we hope to help others as they navigate their own journey of serving the LORD. We do not have all the answers but we will share what we can as to how we have been able to continue the path of serving the LORD of the harvest!

May Inspire Now truly inspire its readers to serve the Lord and His people and to reach others that they, too, may find their call and purpose in the light of eternity!

ISIS Militant Converts to Christianity

While the world reels from attacks done by Islamic State (ISIS) militant, the last few months have also seen the conversion of an ISIS militant into Christianity.

According to reports, a Youth With a Mission (YWAM) worker got to know an ISIS fighter who admitted not only to killing a number of Christians but also enjoyed doing it.

That is, until he encountered Jesus in a dream.

The jihadist told the YWAM personnel that he had begun having dreams of this man in white who came to him and said, ‘You are killing my people.’ He, reportedly, began to feel really sick and uneasy about what he was doing.

The militant was also given a Bible by a Christian man who was about to be killed. He accepted the Bible and began to read it. And then in another dream, Jesus asked him to follow him.


He is now asking to become a follower of Christ and to be discipled.

Kevin Sutter, current president of YWAM Frontier Missions, noted that there’s a lesson to be learnt here: not assuming that ISIS militants are “out of each of God’s grace and out of reach of God’s spirit”.

He adds that there are “gospel programmes going out in Arabic throughout the region, radio and TV and there is a huge response.”

“Many people are now following Jesus but they keep it quiet,” says Sutter. “They haven’t gone public about it. They even have church in their own home, they’re watching, they’ll serve Communion to one another as they’re watching TV.”

And so while ISIS militants are in control of huge swathes of Iraq and Syria, it doesn’t really mean that the Gospel has no means of capturing them.

Based on reports from
Photo: Arvind Balaraman/

Advertisements That Inspire

Maybe it’s because I worked with a couple of advertising agencies in the past that’s why I always pay attention to advertisements especially on TV and now on YouTube.

Now, these two advertisements of Coca-Cola really caught my attention and yes, touched my heart.

I have to give it to Coca-Cola for coming up with initiatives that help bring about positive change and give happiness to others. Through these advertisements, I am reminded how help is available out there and that wishes and dreams that may seem impossible do come true 🙂

Coca-Cola Wish Booth (Wish Upon a Coke)

Coca-Cola Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project
(OFW-Overseas Filipino Worker)

Never Too Late

Ever wonder if you can still start or try something new even when your age moves beyond 25 years old?

When one turns 25, one can face the quarter-life crisis. And when one reaches 35-39 years old, one can come face to face with mid-life crisis. This is when a person will begin considering that by this time (age) one should have gained major achievements in life. One might then start thinking that as one has come to this age or has even passed it, one can no longer start or try something new. But history, thankfully, tells us otherwise 🙂

Check out the infographic below and let it remind and inspire you that indeed it is never too late 🙂