It’s True: Not All Who Wander are Lost

Are you unsure what to do next in your life? Or perhaps it’s not you but it’s your loved one or close friend who feels that way.

There maybe times when we are not so sure what step to take next after a career change, a relocation or a change of status. Or it could be that you sense that after a time of prayer, God is putting you in the waiting room.

Well then, perhaps this infograhic will bring a smile to your face or to your loved one or friend who sees it 🙂


Finally, Free Public Wi-Fi Begins this July across the Philippines

This is good news for all Philippine residents 🙂

Beginning July this year, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will be implementing free public Wi-Fi across the country. The average speed will be 256 kbps.

The Wi-Fi hotspots will be located in places such as: plazas, schools, hospital, piers, government offices, and airport terminals.

It might be quite a challenge to fully implement this project as the Philippines consists of several islands, being an archipelago but DOST appears to be very optimistic about this.

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